Are you ready to start your yoga journey?

“Yoga is too hard!” 

“I’m not flexible enough.” 

“I don’t have yoga stuff.”

Over the past year Sam Brown and Samantha Goeke (Sam Squared) have heard every reason why people can’t do yoga.  We want to show you that no matter your age, skill level or gender…YOU CAN DO YOGA!  Starting yoga is more than a workout routine.  It’s an awakening of self awareness and we want to be with you during this amazing journey.

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Here's a few reasons why our members love Sam Squared Yoga

Muscle Strength and Toning

Yoga offers your body a balance in metabolism, increased flexibility, protection from injury and toning of the muscles.

Improved Respiration, Energy and Vitality

Through meditation and pranayama, you can improve your cardio and circulatory health.  Yoga is not just for your muscles and organs; breath is life and should always be treated as such. 

Mental Clarity

Calming your mind is often challenging, but with proper assistance and the right atmosphere, you can achieve peace of mind.  We strive for every one of our members to leave our classes feeling grounded, clear minded and stable.

Asana Practice

Most of the classes that we offer will be a level 1 or level 1-2 Asana.  This is where we will guide you through each pose and make sure that you are properly aligned.  The teacher will not be doing the class with you, rather, she will be teaching you how to properly align to get deeper into the pose. 

“Remember, it doesn’t matter how deep into a posture you go – what does matter is who you are when you get there.” 

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa practice is when the teacher instructs the students how to flow in and out of poses with breath.  The instructor will often do the class with the students to demonstrate how the sequence is done.  

“The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body."

About Sam Squared...

Samantha Goeke

Before starting yoga I thought that it was just a form of exercise that hippies and vegans did.  I was a little scared of the chanting and, of course, the poses. I had dabbled in yoga a little in high school after two ACL tears because it was one of the only things that I could do at the time.  I was an athlete who lifted weights, ran and played sports…that’s it. The thought that yoga could bring me more than physical benefits never even crossed my mind as a country girl from Illinois.

It wasn’t until the fall of 2016 that I started paying attention to yoga.  I had ruptured my patella tendon in my right knee and was rapidly gaining weight and experiencing atrophy of my right leg muscles.  My days of running and playing sports had long passed, so I needed to find something that fit my needs. Though the yoga that I was following was a P90X tape, it still sparked my interest.  I was able to workout and not injure myself at the same time.

In the fall of 2017 I had gone to a conference for work and the speaker was showing us some different yoga poses and how to teach them.  This is when my love and passion for yoga really started. I was able to do most of the poses and the ones that I was unable to do made me want to practice more!  I went home and started researching yoga in my area and found Fountain of Health Yoga Studio.  Sam Brown and I are so blessed to have found her because she showed us everything that yoga has to offer. From meditation, to breathing techniques, to modifications and proper alignment, she taught Sam and I what yoga is all about.

The reason I am teaching yoga is because I have found something in my life that gives me focus, drives and challenges me, and brings me peace and serenity.  I want to share all of my knowledge with others to help them overcome any challenge presented to them.

Samantha Brown

I first became interested in yoga in high school when a friend of mine brought me to her yoga class at a well known local gym. I was so excited and impressed about what we were doing because I was sweating and shaking and just when I thought, “I can’t go on, I’m going down!”  we got to rest! This went on throughout the entire class and ended with us laying down and reflecting on our practice and the intention we’d set for that practice. I thought this was the absolute best form of exercise I had ever experienced! I left feeling wonderful and wanting to know more about yoga.

 After that day  I studied as much as I could about yoga on my own. In 2013  a yogi friend of mine gave me a beginner yoga DVD and I practiced with that all the time at home before finally deciding to really get serious and focus on become a certified and registered yoga teacher myself.

I have worked with Physical Therapy Connections and their extremely knowledgeable and talented Physical Therapists and Medical Massage Therapist for over 5 years and the three dimensional whole body approach that they take to physical therapy as opposed to traditional PT is so revolutionary! Yoga is the next step to making that experience that much better! I got into yoga to help myself and to help others. The best part of yoga for me is that it gives us space; in our body, our soul and our mind. It gives us the opportunity to find what feels good to us and explore that.

Samantha Brown & Samantha Goeke
Owners of Sam Squared Yoga, LLC

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